Kathmandu University Sports Week 2010, 9th-16th April

KU Sports Week 2010 Committee

Chief Co-ordinator : Deeyo Ranjan Dongol (9804354641)

Co-ordinators :

Hari Sharan Chaulagain (Football- 9849050249)

Surya Bahadur Chhetri (Cricket-9803244164)

Himadri Thapa (Basketball-9841880889)

Damodar Dhital (Volleyball-9841966990)

Punit Baral (Indoors-9803202951)

Saurabh Jalan (Athletics-9849107593)


Volunteer Chief Coordinator:

Suresh Kawan


Volunteers Coordinators:

Ishan Gajurel

Anjali KC


Media Coordinator:

Chandiraj Dahal


Online Coordinator:

Anil Prasad Ghimire (Aakar)


Cultural Coordinator:

Jyoti Joshi

Comments :

2 comments to “KU Sports Week 2010 Committee”
Anonymous said...

Guys wonderful beginning of sport week 2010, all the best to every one....selection of players should be done before hand not at the gun point....distribute the schedule of each sport for whole sport week in inauguration day so that players could be ready for game otherwise scene of walkover could be repeated.............please take this as a positive comment and try to improve........once again all the best to organizing committee....cheers !!

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